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Our Services

Learn great stuff that we can do.

Mobile Design

We take systematic approach to design which involves understanding your business and your vision for the future. Our team fo includes not just visual and UI experts, but also strategy consultants and developers. We us a holistic approach to provide the best design possible using a multi-discilpinary team.

Mobile apps that we have designed and developed for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile are now used by over 80 million users worldwide. We produce designs that can be used for every screen-size and device type from entry level smartphones to high-resolution tablets. We also design for the new Tizen OS and also legacy platforms like Blackberry/Symbian.


Digital Marketing

In addition to providing access to the best sources of digital media advertising (display and search ads), we can also optimize SEO and provide technology for more pioneering techniques. Want to market base on user profile? We can deliver automated, targeted e-mails based on your business rules and workflow. Want to reach people through in-app notifications? We built our own platform for high-performance messaging direct to a customer’s smartphone.

Digital marketing goes beyond advertising and reaching your existing customers. What if you want to grow? What if you want to cross-sell, up-sell, or improve retention? We build custom solutions to see viral growth from your current customer base and also increase profits by re-engaging your customers. For example, we saw 3000% increase in user base with a client by providing a custom-incentive feedback loop and contact import/invite feature to their application. We don’t just say we’ll give you more customers – we will prove it.

Ad Optimization

Tired of spending too much on advertising? Exhausted from other agencies over-promising and under-delivering? Since we also support our own startups, we search extensively to not only find the best prices on digital media but also see how effective these advertising sources are. We can integrate with your backend system and track the effectiveness of different ad campaigns so that you can see the ROI from your advertising spend. Arbitrage is critical to your growth and we will help you maximize your return.

In addition to finding the best price-performance for your advertising, we will also help you find new sources when the ads stop performing. Saturation can easily happen once your ads continue reaching the same end users and sources that formerly worked well reach their peak and are no longer effective. By working with us, you can monitor your campaigns to maximize effectiveness of every single dollar you spend. Isn’t that refreshing?


Brand Identity

We help companies with all aspects of branding, re-branding, and new product line formulations. We can help you provide brand naming, color schemes, logos, tag-lines, product naming, icons, imagery, business cards, letterheads, e-mail templates, and style guidelines. We can also take your branding to the next phase by developingwe sites, mobile applications, videos, and other interactive media.

Whether you are a startup or brand that has been around for 100+ years, we will provide branding materials that match the image you want to convey. As with all of our design work, we can provide several options at each phase and continue to iterate until every subtle nuance is perfected down to every pixel, every image, every font, every tagline and every color.

Launch Strategy

Given that our website and mobile applications for clients literally serve more than 1 billion people world-wide, we can help with every aspect of your launch strategy and campaign. We will develop a solution that maximizes your budget and provides the greatest possible customer reach for the demographics you are targeting.

Whether your campaign is broad reaching (customer agnostic) or very tailored by demographic (location, age, occupation, interests), we will develop the ideal solution to attract the users you seek and allow your company, application, or website to flourish with activity, spending, and viral growth.



Want to prove something is possible? Need to impress investors? Want to build the first phase of a product? We provide prototyping on all levels and not just design but full-fledged interactive products. In most cases, our prototypes can easily be taken for full-fledged products – we build products which work well and provide full experience.

In the past 2 years, our prototypes for clients have successfully raised millions of dollars from Angel Investors, VC’s, Private Equity funds, and also Kickstarter campaigns. Simply put: our prototypes rock.

Web Development

We typically focus on dynamic, interactive websites with a complex workflow and backend, but we also build informational web-sites as well. In addition, we also develop the full suite of web + mobile (i.e. we build mobile applications that work in concert with your website for a complete integrated platform. In terms of industries, we work with banks, airlines, hotels, retail giants, restaurants chains, government agencies, e-commerce sites, hedge funds, property developers, museums, hotels, startups, and more.

In terms of complexity, we have plenty of experience building the impossible. For example, we have developed sites for penny auctions, online casinos, and social gaming which can’t even have 1 second of downtime. In doing so, we built scalable systems to support millions of users, hundreds-of-thousands of concurrent transactions, and complete failover, load balancing, and database mirroring.


Research & Development

Our engineering team consists of the world’s best computer scientists, mathematicians, electrical engineers, physicists, and cognitive scientists. We develop algorithms, business models, analytical techniques, mathematical models, and software to solve new, complex problems.

We have developed world-changing technology
in mobile coupons,image processing, video transcoding, route optimization, fraud detection, encryption, face recognition, insurance analysis, derivatives trading, sports betting, and augmented reality.

Our research+development has resulted in great advancements and software spanning several industries such as oil+gas, airlines, movies/cinema, e-commerce, grocery stores, retail, online gaming, and cosmetics. What problem can we solve for you?